Animated First Bulldog HL12

Tony's Lanz Bulldog Pictures

Page 2 - Older Pictures

This page provides access to pictures of Lanz
Bulldog and similar semi-diesel tractors from
around the world.
Animated First Bulldog HL12

Lanz Bulldog Pictures Available - Page 2 Animated Lanz Tractor
New Arrivals 1940 25HP #1 1940 25HP #2

Errors: It is probable that many of the pictures are incorrectly labelled as to model number, etc.. I would welcome any corrections.
Acknowledgements:  Thanks to the many Lanz enthusiasts who have provided images of their Lanz tractors.

Pictures Wanted

If you have any Lanz-related pictures that you think are worthy of inclusion on this page please email them to me ( in any graphic file format (i.e. PCX, TIF, GIF, BMP, JPG etc.) and I will include them on this page if I agree with you.

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