Lanz Tractor Sounds

Following requests from visitors to this web site who have never heard a Lanz tractor's unique sound, a number of recordings of Lanz sounds are provided on this page. These recordings can be played by anyone with a browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer and whose computer is equipped with sound-card and speakers.

You should be aware that sound files are relatively large and the longer recordings may take a while to load to your computer; accordingly the size of the sound files and their duration is displayed on this page. Try accessing the smaller files first. If you cannot hear the sounds when they are played you may have to turn up the volume on your sound card; if you are using Windows 95 you can access the Volume Control by selecting in turn Start then Programs then Accessories then Multimedia menus.

To play one these sounds click on the appropriate link. If your browser asks you what you want to do with the file, choose "Open the file in its current location".

Lanz HR5 running 10 seconds 156K NEW4.GIF (3972 bytes)
D8506 running 2 seconds 45K
D8506 running 3 seconds 59K
D8506 starting up 4 seconds 66K
D8506 starting up 15 seconds 239K
D8506 starting & running 35 seconds 560K
D8506 starting & running 39 seconds 620K
D3606 running 2 seconds 47K
D3606 running 8 seconds 135K
D3606 starting & running 26 seconds 416K
D3606 starting & running 39 seconds 620K
D4016 running 16 seconds 95K
D2816 starting & running 20 seconds 120K
Ron's KL Bulldog
starting & running
17 seconds 7K
Vierzon H1 starting &
13 seconds 145K NEW4.GIF (3972 bytes)

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